Geospatial Cryptography: enabling researchers to access private, spatially referenced, human subjects data for cancer control and prevention

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Protecting confidentiality is mission-critical across the health care continuum, yet poses obstacles for the sharing and analysis of health data.  Recent advances in cryptography support the analysis of confidential data in the encrypted space (e.g. make it homomorphic) – meaning analyses can be conducted on encrypted data with little if any risk of revealing confidential information. Prof. Jacquez’s research is developing geospatial cryptographic techniques for accelerating sharing of confidential data from our nation’s cancer registries.

    1. Jacquez, GM, A Essex, A Curtis, B Kohler, R Sherman, K Emam, C Shi, A Kaufmann, L Beale, T Cusick, D Goldberg, P Goovaerts. 2017. Geospatial cryptography: Enabling researchers to access private, spatially-referenced, human subjects data for cancer control and prevention. Journal of Geographical Systems 19(3), 197-220. DOI 10.1007/s10109-017-0252-3.


Geospatial cryptography