Impact of comorbidities on prostate cancer stage at diagnosis in Florida

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URO Today recently published the abstract of a research study by authors  Xiao H, Tan F, Goovaerts P, Adunlin G, Ali AA, Gwede CK, and Huang Y.

“To examine the association of major types of comorbidity with late-stage prostate cancer, a random sample of 11,083 men diagnosed with prostate cancer during 2002-2007 was taken from the Florida Cancer Data System. Individual-level covariates included demographics, primary insurance payer, and comorbidity following the Elixhauser Index. Socioeconomic variables were extracted from Census 2000 data and merged to the individual level data. Provider-to-case ratio at county level was also computed.”

SpaceStat software was utilized for multilevel logistic regression to assess associations between these factors and late-stage diagnosis of prostate cancer.

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