BioMedware develops software for the visualization, exploratory analysis and modeling of time dynamic geospatial data for the health and environmental sciences. To date, we have successfully created several innovative software products, which are used by Universities, government agencies and private industries around the globe.

Software product suite:

  • SpaceStat, software for the visualization, analysis, modeling and interactive exploration of spatiotemporal data.
    (SpaceStat replaces our legacy product STIS [Space-Time Intelligence System] and offers all of the STIS functionality plus many more added features. Additionally, SpaceStat is backwards compatible and able to open your STIS projects.)
  • ClusterSeer, software for the detection and analysis of event clusters.
  • BoundarySeer, software for the detection and analysis of geographic boundaries.

endorsements from our customers

"I'm using SpaceStat to analyze the spatial structure of estuarine seagrass beds in Atlantic Canada for purposes of conservation and management and I've been able to do the type of analysis that I was after. The variogram modeling capability and LISA functions have especially been very useful."

Jeff Barrell, PhD Student
Dept. of Oceanography
Dalhousie University


"My research group at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health has been using SpaceStat and its wide array of geostatistical tools for environmental exposure modeling. The modeled exposures will be linked with human health outcomes using geocoded residential addresses to conduct epidemiologic studies. We are currently interested in spatial downscaling, e.g., area-to-point kriging, which is possible using SpaceStat’s user-friendly interface. We are applying methods not available in other software suites, including variogram deconvolution."

Trang VoPham, PhD, MS
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Department of Epidemiology • Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


"We use ClusterSeer in our teaching and our site license allows our department to install the software in our labs and on student, staff and faculty computers at a very affordable price."

Uriel Kitron, PhD
Professor and Chair, Environmental Studies
Emory University


"Clusterseer is an easy to use, well-documented, clustering software package that saves an extraordinary amount of time compared to custom programming. I use it regularly for my own work and most of my graduate students do as well."

Joseph P. Messina, PhD
Associate Professor, Center for Global Change and Earth Observations
Michigan State University